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Somali Legal Aid Network Joint Statement 24th November 2015

GBV Joint Advocacy Statement

LAW has been working with Legal Aid providers in Somalia to tackle the widespread issues around gender based violence (GBV) prevalent across the country. On Wednesday 24th November 2015, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, and the first day of the 16 Days Campaign against gender based violence, the network released a joint statement condemning sexual and other forms of violence against women and girls. The statement calls on the Federal Government of Somalia, the government of Puntland State of Somalia, the government of Somaliland, International Donors and the United Nations to act in support of the implementation of Somalia’s first Sexual Offences Act and to support SLAN’s effort against GBV in Somalia.

Read the full document here.

SLAN GBV Joint Advocacy Statement

One Day Workshop on Sexual Offences Bill for Civil Society Groups in Boorama


Legal Action worldwide (LAW) and DRC have jointly delivered a one day workshop on Somaliland Sexual offences Bill to members of the justice institutions and civil societies in Boorama. The Workshop was held on 15th November 2015 at Oslo Hotel, Boorama, and 30 members including police officers, members form the judiciary, and members form civil society organisations undertaking activities involving SGBV attended the event.

The workshop focused on the basic concepts in SGBV such as types, nature, causes and contributing factors of SGBV crimes and the consequences of the same on survivors and society at large; and the role and responsibilities of the police, and medical, legal, and psycho-social service providers in helping SGBV survivors.

In addition, the workshop focused on the existing laws in Somaliland relating to SGBV crimes (i.e., the Penal and Procedure codes). Participants of the workshop understood that such existing laws have noticeable gaps and loopholes which made them unsuitable to tackle SGBV crimes, and do not ensure the constitutionally guaranteed rights to access to justice, security of person, respect for reputation and private life, and equality and non-discrimination.

This was followed with a presentation intended to raise awareness of civil society institutions and justice actors in Boorama on the existence of the Sexual Offences Bill for Somaliland, aimed at filling the gap in the current laws on SGV.