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‘360’ Medico-Legal Approach


360The ‘360’ medico-legal approach is a term coined by LAW to describe a system of responding to reports of sexual violence in which everyone the victim interacts with has specialised experience in dealing with sexual violence cases. The entire ‘360’ circle of response providers include medical practitioners providing initial care and response, police officers, legal aid providers, criminal investigations department staff, prosecutors and the judiciary.

The ‘360’ model involves three interlinked systems for responding to reports of sexual violence:

  • ‘One-stop’ sexual violence response centres where survivors can access medical, psychosocial and legal support and refer their case for prosecution in the same place;
  • Specialised investigators, prosecutors and judges;
  • Protective measures in place for witnesses and victims, including closed court sessions, pseudonyms and disguises in court.

LAW is working with government partners in Somalia on implementing this approach.

Recent Events – ‘360’ Training for Legal Responders, June 2015, Addis Ababa

LAW organised a ‘360′ training’ for legal responders to sexual violence from Somalia in June 2015. The training was co-run by the International Institute for Criminal Investigations (IICI). The training culminated in participants from Puntland agreeing to establish a ‘360’ gender-based violence unit to better investigate, prosecute and convict perpetrators of sexual violence crimes.