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Training on Documenting Rights Violations for South Sudanese Lawyers


On 6 – 10 November 2017, LAW conducted a training on documentation of human rights violations through testimony and video for South Sudanese lawyers in Naivasha,  Kenya. The training was supported by Allen and Overy and co-hosted by Witness a global organisation focused on using witness testimony and video to document human rights violations.

The training brought together ten South Sudanese lawyers and activists currently involved in undertaking human rights documentation in Juba and refugee camps in Uganda. Its objective was to increase the detail and standard of documentation being collected by these organisations which may then be used for advocacy purposes or securely stored. By the end of the training participants were able to begin to  put together investigation plans conduct comprehensive interviews with witnesses and survivors and identify types of video footage to use for both evidence and advocacy purposes.


On 11 November, LAW held a roundtable with the lawyers and activists who had attended its five day training on documenting human rights violations to discuss possible avenues for increasing access to justice for such violations in South Sudan. The roundtable was also attended by regional and international lawyers who provided participants with practical information and advice about the available options for engagement regionally and internationally. The roundtable resulted in the adoption of practical, creative ways forward for increasing access to legal redress for those who have suffered from human rights violations in South Sudan.