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Using Strategic Litigation to increase Access to Justice for Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

Legal Action is working with the leading organisation on strategic litigation in Lebanon, Legal Agenda, to build a skillset amongst national lawyers for litigating creatively and strategically to instigate change in Lebanese law and policy. Legal Action and Legal Agenda are working together to identify strategic cases that may be taken to challenge the current laws, policy and practice around sexual and gender-based violence, in order to improve the protection of all people in Lebanon at risk of such violations.

Sexual and gender-based violence is prevalent across Lebanon, especially amongst refugee communities, migrant workers and at-risk populations such as LGBTQ and people in lower socio-economic areas.

The project is supported by the Swiss Embassy.

Panel on strategic litigation around SEXUAL AND gender-based violence

On 27 September 2018, LAW co-hosted a public panel discussion in Beirut on the successes of strategic litigation as a tool to address sexual and gender-based violence, within Lebanon and internationally. LAW’s Executive Director Antonia Mulvey was a panellist, along with renowned Lebanese lawyer and Director of Legal Agenda, Nizar Saghieh. Antonia and Nizar discussed their experiences in taking strategic cases to being about legal change, challenges, successful strategies and lessons learned. The panel was attended by around 25 lawyers interested in bringing such cases in Lebanon.

Training on using Strategic Litigation to address Sexual and Gender-based Violence

On 28 September 2018, LAW and Legal Agenda hosted a one-day introductory training for Lebanese lawyers on strategic litigation, including options for domestic, international and extra-territorial cases, and an overview of the tools needed to bring cases that will have an impact. The training will build an initial skillset amongst participants for identifying, putting together and strategising around  precedent-setting, ground-breaking cases nationally and internationally.