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“Hidden Identities, Broken Lives and No Access to Justice: Voices from the LGBTQI+ Community”: LAW publishes a report on discrimination and abuse that LGBTQI+ individuals experience in Lebanon, and the challenges in accessing support.

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BEIRUT – Tuesday 11 October 2022

Today, LAW published a report titled “Hidden Identities, Broken Lives and No Access to Justice: Voices from the LGBTQI+ Community.” .

The report documents the experience of a range of individuals including Lebanese individuals, permanent resident, refugees and undocumented people with other status, who identify as part of the LGBTQI+ community.

LAW’s research reveals an alarming and shocking picture of lives that are virtually erased by constant discrimination and abuse at home and in public settings. The report has four key findings:

  1. LGBTQI+ individuals experience systemic and widespread discrimination and abuse at home and in their day-to-day lives;
  2. Transgender people and LGBTQI+ refugees are at heightened risk of discrimination and abuse;
  3. LGBTQI+ individuals make themselves “invisible” and suffer high levels of mental health issues, and
  4. LGBTQI+ individuals face multiple barriers to seeking help and legal support.

At a time when LGBTQI+ communities are facing increased repression in the region, this report sounds the alarm on Lebanon’s culture of discrimination and abuse that continues to dominate the country’s treatment of LGBTQI+ individuals, leaving no place safe from discrimination – not even their homes, and denying their access to the most basic rights and services.

As a result of the report, LAW presents a set of recommendations under which three priority advocacy areas for action are identified:

  1. Legal reform;
  2. Legal support and access to justice; and
  3. Public awareness and mobilisation.

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