What we work on

We have a particular focus on gender equality and sexual and gender-based violence, natural resource exploitation, rule of law and accountability, and transformative justice, and work to bring justice to those who need it most.

Gender Equality & SGBV

Achieving gender equality requires an active commitment to reducing discriminatory laws and practices, tackling harmful gender stereotypes that assign roles based on socially constructed identities or biological sex…

Accountability & Rule of Law

In the places LAW works, as well as many other fragile and conflict-affected environments, it is common for violations, including sexual violence and arbitrary arrests and detention, to be committed by security

Natural Resource Exploitation

Conflicts and disputes over land and natural resources are common in fragile and conflict-affected areas. Conflict often has the effect of breaking down traditional systems governing the ownership of land and…

Transformative Justice

Transitional justice, or as we prefer to call it, Transformative Justice, refers to a process that countries emerging from periods of conflict and repression undertake in order to address