Accountability of the Security Forces

The legal responsibility and accountability project focuses on the security forces in Somalia.

The legal responsibility and accountability project focuses on the security forces in Somalia. The project commenced in 2013 following serious allegations of human rights violations levelled at the Somali National Police Force (SNPF), Somali National Army (SNA) and the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM). LAW has undertaken roundtables and bi-lateral discussions with the Somali government, police and military, Somali civil society, AMISOM, the UN and international donors who support the security forces. It highlights the legal obligations of these actors and works with them to implement practical recommendations for ensuring their obligations to prevent sexual violence and hold perpetrators accountable under national, regional and international law.

LAW has undertaken the following:

  • Workshops with the Somali police and Ministry of Interior on establishing a Civilian Oversight Board to oversee and report on the Somali National Police Force;
  • A roundtable and technical workshop with AMISOM on improving their internal accountability and investigation mechanisms;
  • Developing an Memorandum of Understanding with AMISOM to work with them on improving their legal response to allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse;
  • Prepared a comprehensive brief on the legal responsibility and accountability of the Somali government, AMISOM, relevant UN bodies and international donors that provides a detailed explanation of the applicable legal framework as well as a complete set of recommendations for the actors;
  • Organised two high level panel discussions in 2015 and 2016 on sexual violence in Somalia with stakeholders including the heads of the United Nations and African Union in Somalia, the Minister for Women, Deputy Prime Minister, Attorney General and UK, EU and Swedish Ambassadors.

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