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LAW hosts a side event to the UN Human Rights Council’s 51st Regular Session titled “Two Years Since the Beirut Port Explosion: Will justice ever be served?”

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On 29 September 2022, LAW hosted an online panel discussion “Two Years Since the Beirut Port Explosion: Will justice ever be served?” along with Human Rights Watch.

The panel was chaired by Antonia Mulvey, LAW’s Executive Director, and opening remarks were provided by Ambassador Andreas Kindl, German Ambassador to Lebanon.

Karlen Hitti Karam, who is the wife of Charbel Karam, sister of Najib Hitti, and cousin of Charbel Hitti, three of the firefighters who were killed during the Explosion, and Cyril Adm, who is the brother of Krystel Adm who was also killed during the Explosion, highlighted the importance of uncovering the truth and achieving justice in light of the tarnished domestic investigation and of seeking the support of the international community.

Zena Wakim, international lawyer and board member at Accountability Now, discussed the ongoing litigation filed against TGS before US courts as well as their meetings with US congressmen requesting sanctions for individuals implicated in the blast.  Lama Fakih, Middle East and North Africa Director at Human Rights Watch, discussed the importance of seeking support from the international community especially when the domestic investigation has not progressed and the challenges impeding the establishment of a UN fact-finding mission. Ambassador Andrew Barnes, Australian Ambassador to Lebanon, delivered the closing remarks.

Watch the highlights of the panel and the full recording below:

Highlights of the panel:


Full recording of the panel:



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