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Legal Action Worldwide Trains Eights Attorneys on Strategic Lawyering Skills

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Legal Action Worldwide (LAW) delivered a five-day residential training course in Amman, Jordan, from 20 to 24 February 2022. “Strategic Lawyer Skills” sought to upskill Syrian lawyers in their ability to gather evidence on human rights violations and international crimes. The course focused on taking statements from victims and witnesses. The eight trainees learned first-hand about the competencies involved in pursuing survivor-led justice.

The training comprised eight theory-based modules and a day and a half of practical exercises. Trainers broke the statement-taking process into constituent stages, beginning with the pre-screening and preparation phases. Trainers continued with interviewing best practice, and ended with drafting a statement based on the information provided at the interview. Trainees were then divided into groups and conducted mock interviews, receiving on-the-spot feedback to help them develop their approach.

Participants’ feedback highlighted the direct practical implications of the lessons learned during the week. One participant reflected on the training: “This training has developed my professional experience by adding perspective on how to conduct an interview with a survivor or witness, including the basic interviewing steps that must be observed and the demands of professionalism in conducting an interview.”

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