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International Widows Day

Gender Equality & GBV

LAW commemorated International Widows Day on 23 June with videos from two of LAW’s programmes for which the day holds particular significance. The first, produced by LAW’s Syria team alongside Freedom Jasmine, a Syrian survivors group, highlighted the experience of widows of the missing and detained in Syria. The second recognised the widows of the Rohingya community who lost husbands and members of their family during the Tatmadaw ‘clearance operations’ in Myanmar, in 2017. This video provided a platform to Shanti Mohila, a group of Rohingya women supported and represented by LAW in their pursuit of justice.

LAW stands with the widows of the missing and detained in Syrian, watch the video

Read more about LAW’s work on the Syria crisis here.

LAW stands with Shanti Mohila in their pursuit of justice for the Rohingya, watch the video here.

Read more about LAW’s work with the Rohingya here.

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